Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training.

One point that we should never forget is that without customers there would be no business and without customer service we have no customers.

Missing an opportunity to create a positive, memorable customer service experience is an invitation for one of your customers to move on and shop somewhere else.

When was the last time you purchased a product only to realize that it did not fill your needs, wants, or worse yet had quality problems? Rember that incident, yet? How did that Customer Service person handle the problem? Did they provide a soultion quickly and efficiently or did you receive the third degree? A recent experience of mine illustrates this point. After placing an order, the previous day I placed a call to confirm a technical point about the product. After a lengthy period the customer service person determined that my order did not contain all the necessary information. In response to questions from Customer Serivce about how I had been responsible for an improperly filled out telephone order form, I was told that this company did not want my order. Funny thing, that person did not have to tell me not do business with their company. This is called a “No Brainer!”

Statistics show that 24 out of 25 complaints end in loss of the customer. The reason is simple; 24 people will not complain, but simply will look elsewhere! This means that there are few chances to take corrective action. In today’s connected world it is easy for someone that has a problem with your service or products to make that public knowledge. Check any ecommerce site and go through the reviews.

Studies also show that how quickly, efficently handle a problem directly relates to future business. Quick and efficient solutions will result in retaining over 90 % of these customers. In fact, this can even build a sort of loyalty to your company!

We as business owners and employees must focus our energies to solving problems not creating them! Continued success comes from finding and servicing markets better than anyone else.

Our customer service training programs focus on how to seize the opportunities that occur as result of customer interactions.

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