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ERP consulting services ERP Consulting Services

Lots of companies offer ERP consulting services and they are not all the same. When you consider that between 30 and 60 percent of ERP implementations fail you may question why there are so many failures. Our experience shows us that there is never just one cause for failure. That being said the reasons for failure are limited to a known set of issues. The good news is that success is also guided by these same set of known practices. Practices that we have mastered and can help you by using our processes and knowledge.

Successful implementations pay for themselves in less than two years (usually less) and are the building blocks for a business that uses technology as a backbone for building success in other areas. Today’s “Internet of Things” environment can place strain on existing business models and practices. It opens the door for lower cost competitors to take market share. While those competitors may never reach Escape Velocity© they can erode market share. ERP is the building block for successful customer relationships and choosing who you use for ERP consulting services is critical in getting more from your investment.

ERP is the natural springboard for CRM solutions that really shape the customer relationship. There is less value in CRM if you cannot deliver great products on time at the expected quality level.

When it comes to ERP Consulting we have been involved in many successful implementations during our 30+ years. ERP implementations that have been used as case studies for college courses. Been the focus of international articles and videos. In fact we have found our case studies being used by other consulting companies as examples of the results that are achievable. We achieve results that pay back your ERP investment within the implementation cycle and keep paying you back year after year, consistently.

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