ERP Selection Assistance

ERP Selection preparation and assistance.

The goal of any ERP selection process is to get the right solution up and running so that you can enjoy the ROI that the implementation projected. There are many factors involved in the selection process including functionality, applicability of the solution to your industry business practices, implementation costs, customization required, total cost of ownership, applicability as a base point for future business initiatives to name a few.

With so many factors involved in getting to the right solution how do you set priorities how do you decide? In fact 30 to 60 percent of ERP implementations fail. Some of the more egregious failures are well documented and yet there are more failures that are failures to achieve projected results.

We have been involved in many ERP implementation that achieved amazing results. Results that include over 400% increase in EBITDA and inventory investment reductions by over 90%. The first step in achieving those kind of results was an ERP selection process that out clients understand what was possible and matched the people and the solutions to allow success.

With years of implementing and selecting computer based solutions, we know the critical questions to ask. We get involved in the vendor demonstrations, site visits and do the due diligence that is required to help assure you success. Our goal is to get you out of the business of implementing software and back in the business of being in business.

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