What We Do

ERP is a dynamic set of processes and can help determine your businesses success or survival.

How would you like to be part of a dynamic organization that will react to market demand and lead out your market segment in ways that you may have never thought possible?

We have helped companies like yours achieve great results and help in their success both now and in the future.

All of our customers achieve results that are positive, long-lasting and innovative.

At Management Alchemy, we’ve helped domestic and international companies improve earnings and market share.
Our track record includes:

  • Increased EBITDA 108% for a gas detection equipment manufacturer in New Jersey by implementing Sales and Operations Planning and ERP.

  • Increased earnings by reducing inventory 67%, floor space 43% and increasing inventory accuracy from 21% to 99% for a luxury goods manufacturer / retailer in Sweden.

  • Reduced direct labor costs 62% for a $25 million lighting company in New York by streamlining work flow.

Because a large number of ERP implementations fail to achieve results like those above it is critical to learn all you can and engage with others who have not only done this work but done it successfully, time and again. Implementing ERP and successfully transforming businesses is what we do.

Please feel free to read our articles about lean business, customer service and case study ERP implementations as well as view our videos that document some of the positive results that we have helped our clients make.

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