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Control Instruments

Here are some examples of our work and some the results generated.

Performance Measurement Drives Enterprise Resource Integration
Control Instruments Corporation is a manufacturer of instruments and systems for the detection of hazardous gases and vapors.
Our equipment is used in such diverse settings as the Alaskan pipeline, magazine printing presses and submarine generator rooms.

Read the case study here.
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Hastens Sangar AB

Hastens makes the best beds in the world. When we meet Hastens they had a cobbled together IT system, Operations gaps and inventory, lots of inventory. We refer you here to an article written by SAP (the software that the Hastens project selected) about some of the results of our work.

Read the article and check out the video.

What other professtionals are saying:

Mattias Bolander

Country Manager, SME Sweden, SAP

“Dominic has time and time again proven that he is not only able to understand a company’s processes from start to finish but also execute to improve them. In the cases I have worked with him I have been impressed not only by his knowledge and will to learn and understand new technology but also his unique skills in creating a winning team in the companies he works for. I would recommend Dominic to any company who is in need of a change leader or simply go from good to great!”

Darryl Owen

Head of Retail & Wholesale Industry EMEA, SAP

“Dominic and I worked together on a Swedish client. I was extremely impressed with his ability to marry the big strategic picture with the nuts and bolts of getting a project delivered. He was a great co-innovation partner, taking vision input and making it happen in the business at a surprisingly rapid pace. Dominic set up an innovative project culture that spread into the whole of the client’s company which helped a lot with integrating some radical changes into their working practices. A great communicator, highly driven by results without forgetting to have fun on the journey, Dominic’s a real pleasure to work with.”

Johan Krantz

Consulting Engagement Manager and Territory Sales Executive, SAP

“Dominic is one of the most proffessional in the IT-Industry I ever met. He always make it comfortable to work with you even under tough situations and thinks always two or three steps ahead for his clients and also towards his suppliers and I could clearly recommend Dominic for the toughest IT-assignment. He will deliver.”

Joseph Riggio

Consultant, Hastens

“In over twenty years of consulting I’ve worked with many organizational consultants responsible for overseeing what I’d call business re-engineering projects. After working closely with Dominic for almost two years on a strategic corporate re-organization project in my opinion he is the best of the best. His ability to balance keeping the big picture in focus – i.e.: where the organization is going, and simultaneously keeping his attention on the details required to bring the project to fruition is unparalleled in my experience. Dominic has that unique “take charge” attitude that’s rare for a consultant to bring to a project. He has seen each assignment in the project to completion, and often beyond the commitments made with regard to outcomes. For instance although the original project charter was to implement a new world-class, integrated system for the company, which he delivered successfully and significantly under budget, by digging into the production assets of the organization he found a way to eliminate warehouse redundancy creating impressive cost reductions, while increasing productivity by optimizing the production line and output. I recommend Dominic unreservedly as a consultant who can bring a strong strategic perspective to a project and the expertise to make the outcomes agreed upon manifest.”

Thomas Simpson

IT Consultant, TPS Systems LLC

“Over the years, Dominic has helped many companies improve their enterprises. From finance to manufacturing to IT, he’s provided the experience to help companies chart a new course… the correct one!”

John LaValle

Owner, The La Valle® Group

“Dominic is creative, proactive, committed, and thorough. He leaves no stone unturned and gets results. The best in the biz!”

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